Seven Color Hacks That Can Improve Your Life at Home

Have you ever wondered why outside of walls and rooftops are insulated with black color? Do you even know why Facebook uses blue color? Colors play an essential role in our life. It has been proven through research that colors can elicit specific responses in a human subject. Through hormonal and neurological control, colors affect the way we think and act. Apart from biological properties, colors have some physical attributes as well. Different colors release and absorb different wavelengths of energy which can be of use. E.g., a radiator is colored black from inside to absorb radiations and keep your car’s engine cool.
If colors are of that much value, we can surely use them in certain ways to improve our lives at home. If this is what you want, this article is the answer, as it focuses on the use of physiological and physical properties of colors to improve life at home.

White, the Luminous, and the Study Room Science:

White is the king of luminosity as it reflects more light than any other color. So, why not avail the king? The elegant white, the destructor of dark can be of best use in places where light is needed the most. What else would be the best place for using white if not a study room? Study rooms require light more than any other rooms. With white’s characteristic light reflection ability, one can increase the level of light in a study room. Improved luminosity level would surely help you study, even in low light.

Blue and the Bedroom:

Blue is the color of tranquility. Use it in your bedroom and be a witness of its might. Research tells that blue is good for night sleep. Yes! It has been proven through research that blue colored bedrooms give the best rest, more than 7.5 hours of comfortable sleep at an average. Blue is a color of calm, has reduced stress and stabilized mood in research subjects.

Have Home Theater? Is it Dark Enough?

Dark colors are of best use in home theater rooms. Dark absorbs light and prevents your retinal focus from distracting. You must have observed that cinemas use dark colors, the light goes off, and a bright white screen shines in front of you, and you see nothing but the screen you intend to look at. Well, that is the concept, you must see what you want to see, and nothing else should bare you from doing that. Dark also triggers thrill, and thrill is essential for action, adventure, and thriller.

The Kitchen and the Color Science:

Kitchens if colored dark, would absorb heat produced. Kitchens if colored white, would keep it bright. So, you see there must be a balance between light and darkness when it comes to coating kitchens. What would be the result if Grey paint coats kitchens? Sterling would be. Grey, if kept light, would provide a perfect blend of light and dark in a room. The dark shades would help absorb heat produced while cooking, and the light tones would increase the efficiency of your light bulbs.

Keep Your Kids Green:

Ask about the friendliest color and Green would be the answer. Psychologically proven, the most familiar tone in this universe can impart likable characters to your kids. And if you have two or more kids who fight, green will promise a truce. So keep it green when you coat your kids’ rooms.

Red, The Bathroom Color:

Red it is. Yes, the bathroom color. Astonished? Red, the intensity with the longest wavelength is flattering to all the skin tones so, it triggers the sense of appreciation. Hotels and restaurants usually make use of this. Red makes a place look smaller in size, giving you knowledge of security. Spend more time in the bathroom? Red will help. Keep the front wall, against your toilet seat, red, and it will help you spend less time in the bathroom.

The Stair Priorities:

Stair steps are like floors, for you walk on them. Coat them lightly, and you will end up making them untidy. Even if you use tiles of light color, you will have an increased tendency of slipping, and they will be prone to stains. If you keep the staircase dark, you will have to use more light to brighten your path. Given this, a combination of dark and light can help. Keep your stair steps of dark color, but the wall should be colored white. Dark steps beside a white wall would be easily visible and less prone to stains. This will also increase the efficiency of your light source. visit Urban Galleria for buying furniture online.

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