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L Shaped Sofas

If you are looking for l shaped sofa, then here you can find a voracious collection of l shaped corner sofa sets. Get the best l shaped sofas in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, all across Pakistan.

What is L shaped sofa

corner sofa, sectional sofasThe L-shaped sofa set is a subset of multiple sections. It is composed of two or three pieces of sofas join together at an angle of 90 degree, which gives it L shape. They can double your seating options or add an attractive separation between the living room and drawing room. L shaped sofas do not cover a lot of space as compared to regular sofa sets.

Importance of L-shaped Sofa in Pakistan

Pakistanis being such nation who are always conscious about their lifestyle, appreciate the rapid change in fashion trends. Similarly, L-shaped sofas got the attention of the consumers rapidly and especially of the interior designers who seek to build creativity and innovation in the houses of the people. Some prominent benefits of L-shaped sofas are the following:

Space Effective Tool of Living Room

Due to their efficient shape, they can utilize even the corners of the room to give extra seating while ensuring the space. They are highly suitable if you spend family time together a lot and your room is not large enough.

Cost effective feature

As compared to 3 seaters, five-seater and seven-seater sofas, L shaped sofas are less costly. You can get a package of 7-9 seater sofa in comparatively less price without ignoring the fashion and space factor.

Customization is high

These perpendicular sofa sets provide a sense of freedom to design your interior more flexible. The design and alignment of the corner sofa can be selected according to the layout of your room. Does this sound like home? We’re sure it does.

Surprisingly if you need to add more seats then buy a sofa stool of ottoman for a perfect outlook.

Corner Sofas—a kind of L-shaped sofas

Corner sofas are worth giving a shot invention of the time. It can stretch around the room and give a more comfortable and spacey look. Moreover, it has no exception of being in the corner; it can be placed in the middle of the room.

Sectional Sofas

Modernized L-shape sofas are called sectional sofas, which are in various shapes, like oval, round etc. It can be laid back elegance.

The l-shape sofa in Lahore, Karachi & Islamabad

Don’t waste your time in markets and furnishers, turn on your devices and find your desired design of sofa from Urban Galleria, and place your order to be delivered at your doorstep.