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Runner Rugs

Urban Galleria is providing you with the new design of modern washable runner rugs. Over this we have the best quality long runner rugs, so what you are waiting for, order online now.

Runner Rugs

Rugs are the thick clothes used to cover the floor or sometimes used for decoration purposes.
Rugs are smaller than carpets and it gives comfort to the user because of its soft woollen fabric.

Runner rugs are usually long and narrow in size and mostly used on stairs, the entrance of the home, in the bathroom, in bedrooms, and are usually used in narrow halls. It gives your home an adorable look.


washable runner rugsThe runner rugs available mostly in rectangular shapes but you can also purchase the runner rugs in unusual shapes. The length of runner rug is more than its breadth that is why it can easily be used in narrow hallways and gives your home a pleasant look.

Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing:

There are different things that the purchaser must consider before purchasing the rugs.

  1. Runner rugs not only give your home a good look but it also adds value to the decoration of your home.
  2. Instead of walking on the hard, cold and uncomfortable floor, you can purchase the runner rugs and make your hard floor a warm, soft and comfortable place to walk.
  3. Because of the contracted width, the runner rugs are good to place in small hallways, at home entrance even used in bathrooms in front of the sink.

Runner Rugs Usage:

You can buy runner rugs for the decoration of your home and use it in different places.
You can use the runner rugs on the stairs, in your bedroom or you can use to fill the space in your hallways because of its long length. It not only gives you comfort but it makes your bedroom or hall more charming.

Runner Rugs Cleaning

Cleaning depends upon the fibre of rugs. While cleaning the rugs time is an important factor. It is necessary that firstly all the stains must be removed immediately and dries it quickly.

Runner Rugs Accessibility

The Best quality runner rugs are easily available in Pakistan through Urban Galleria. They have different varieties/qualities of rugs at affordable prices. Besides this, they also provide free home delivery service to its entire customer base. They also give quality assurance to their customers.